I have always had a deep connection with the natural world. I have a strong belief that we as humans are part of a wider interconnectivity with everything. There is no separation; we flow with every living thing as one. Our internal processes resonate with our external world and vice versa. We are immersed in nature.

Much of my art work is inspired by pure visionary intervention. A meditation or mantra interpreted into a visual language. My paintings illustrate streams of consciousness from the source of who we really are.

For the last twenty years I have predominantly worked with children and young people and I am constantly amazed by their energy, inquisitiveness and humour.

Through this work I have made definitive links between creativity, play and outdoor spaces. Three subjects with key benefits for emotional and physical well being

My ambition is to inspire people to connect to their true inner nature through these subjects.


Thanks and Praises

Collaborations, friends and fantastic things

''MarkVannArt is a spiritual interpretation of an ever evolving sacred energy that channels through him. When I look at a piece of his work I experience a healing fusion of my mind, body, spirit and soul. He magically captures, and interprets what I feel is universal energy, an explosion of movement, colour and sound. When I sit with a piece of his work I feel it, hear it, taste it and see the unseen dance to life that flies through the universe and gets effortlessly absorbed into our planet.''       Jem @Jemstones